Posted on January 30, 2014

Paycor is a Partner in Service to the Diocese of Columbus

Bill Davis was drowning in a sea of paperwork, being pulled under by a lack of information or, even worse, misinformation. As finance director for the Diocese of Columbus, Davis had to deal with 130 entities using multiple different systems for payroll, in addition to mountains of open enrollment forms and, most distressing of all, the ever-present fear of being non-compliant with IRS regulations.

Enter Paycor in 2008, and the diocese’s payroll and HR systems have been transformed.

“It’s allowed me to evolve the diocese forward in terms of matching what folks in the commercial world have done for years, and also to significantly reduce risk,” Davis says. “Any time you take a chance of misfiling with the IRS, that’s a huge risk. So we’ve centralized some things that were never centralized.

“It’s allowed me to sleep at night because of the reduction of risk. And it’s alleviated manual work the bookkeepers had to do. … Working with Paycor allows me to attack more areas. Instead of doing transactions, I can focus more on the strategic side.”

The Diocese of Columbus uses Paycor’s HR solutions to process open enrollment digitally for some 2,000 full-time employees. Paycor’s payroll software allows each of the diocese’s entities to process payroll on its own timeframe, while still giving Davis access to a centralized source of data and consistent information through Paycor's custom reporting. Processes such as workers’ compensation and unemployment also now are fully automated.

“We have saved hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours in our chancery office and across all our parishes,” Davis says.

Davis says Paycor’s client service team has made the diocese’s relationship with Paycor a true partnership.

“Jenny and Monica clearly understand who we are, the challenges we face,” he says. “We’ve done a number of things that have been incredibly supported. They understand I can’t always ask my 130 locations to do certain things, and Paycor has taken those on because they understand the challenges I have.”

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